Alarm systems offer you peace of mind knowing that if something goes wrong you will know about it right away. Alliant Security offers comprehensive and customizable solutions for any security need.

Idaho Falls Alarm Systems

Access Control is your first line of defense. It is highly customizable and gives you control over who you want to walk through your doors.


Idaho Falls Access Control

CCTV is a system of strategically placed cameras designed to monitor and record medium to high security areas.

Alliant Security has access to a wide variety of cameras to work with any area or concern. We are ready to work with you to design a layout of cameras to fit your specific needs.

Idaho Falls Camera Systems

Having a monitored alarm system means that a 24 hour team is always watching your assets. Ensuring that in the event of a disaster you and all points of contact will be notified in a timely manner.

Idaho Falls Security Monitoring

Preventative maintenance is critical to a working security system. Alliant Security is happy to work with you to set up an inspection schedule to make sure small problems and break downs are caught and solved before they become bigger issues.

Idaho Falls Security Maintenance

ATM's, vault, safes, vacuum air tube systems are all considered conventional security. Alliant Security’s highly skilled team is ready to install a variety of products chosen specifically for you.

Vaults Idaho Falls

Every year new advances in security automation are rolled out to the market. Alliant Security is committed to helping you steam line your business with those advances.

Idaho Falls Business Automation

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