About Us

Alliant Security's Mission

Providing professional solutions for our customers’ needs with focused determination to be the best in our field.

About Us

Our goal at Alliant Security is to keep our small-town attitude of putting you first.

We are a veteran owned company that makes sure our employees are taken care of so they give you the highest quality service.

Alliant Security specializes in security systems for your business or financial institution.

We service and install alarms, access control, CCTV, vaults, safes, ATM's and much more.

Idaho Falls Camera Systems

Alliant Security's Vision

Building relationships consisting of trust and respect, built on a foundation of honestly and integrity to provide professional solutions that continue to exceed expectations. 


Idaho Falls Security Systems

Our founders, Travis and Nathan, first met each other when they were both employed as technicians for the same security company. After that company went under they both decided to start their own company to fill the market gap. Both had a strong drive to create a lasting company that cared for it’s employees and it’s customers.

After running their individual companies they decided to start working together by investing in each others companies. They found this ineffective and decided that the best path for the future was to merge their companies to form Alliant Security. They knew that they worked best as a team. When one is weak the other is strong and when one dreams the other achieves that dream.

Since they merged into Alliant Security, they have worked together as a phenomenal team to create a company that provides fulfilling careers and top quality service to businesses and banks. Under the leadership of these men the future of Alliant Security is bright.

Our Guarantee

To build and maintain a healthy relationship with unmatched work ethics, a can-do attitude, and complete ownership of every project. We will continue to be growth oriented through advancements in technology and product delivery.

Phone: 208-522-6409

Fax: 208-881-5698


3450 N 25th E

Idaho Falls, ID 83401